Our Team

Executive Team

Keith Brantley Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Chris Van Doren Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Jose Espejo Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
Paul Fondo Operations Manager


Darren Rogers Director of Purchasing
Forrest Rogers Packaged & Branded Parts Manager
Dan McCue Purchasing Manager


Samantha Aston Office Manager/Human Resources
Frank Churchville Quality Manager
Antoine Collins Controller
Kendall Chaudoin Human Resources Generalist

Marketing / eCommerce

Rusty Partch Marketing Manager
Logan McKay eCommerce Manager


Sales Team

Beth Peterson Sales Specialist
Email: Beth.Peterson@marfas.com
Phone: (407) 936-0656

Calvin Johnson Sales Specialist
Email: Calvin.Johnson@marfas.com
Phone: (407) 936-0659

Dawn Forcht Sales Specialist
Email: Dawn.Forcht@marfas.com
Phone: (407) 936-0660

Hugh Flanders Sales Specialist
Email: Hugh.Flanders@marfas.com
Phone: (407) 936-0661

Joey Alaidi Sales Specialist
Email: Joseph.Alaidi@marfas.com
Phone: (321) 420-1413

Kevin Reynolds Sales Specialist
Email: Kevin.Reynolds@marfas.com
Phone: (321) 832-7610

Svetlana Musin Sales Support
Email: Svetlana.Musin@marfas.com

Taylor Lomas Sales Support
Email: Taylor.Lomas@marfas.com

Taylor Seijo Sales Support
Email: Taylor.Seijo@marfas.com

CPS Team

Bianca Born CPS Specialist
Email: Bianca.Born@marfas.com

Devetta Stokes CPS Specialist
Email: Devetta.Stokes@marfas.com

Jeff Davis CPS Specialist
Email: Jeff.Davis@marfas.com

Tim Fridsma CPS Specialist
Email: Tim.Fridsma@marfas.com

CPS Customer Service Team

Darien Broxton CPS Customer Service Representative
Email: Darien.Broxton@marfas.com

Javier Carmona CPS Customer Service Representative
Email: Javier.Carmona@marfas.com

Kenneth Torres CPS Customer Service Representative
Email: Kenneth.Torres@marfas.com

Matt Brown CPS Customer Service Representative
Email: Matt.Brown@marfas.com


Sales Team

Steve Hunsberger Branch Manager
Email: Steve.Hunsberger@marfas.com
Phone: (574) 970-1771

Tamara Adame Assistant Sales Manager
Email: Tamara.Adame@marfas.com

Chris Hines Sales Specialist
Email: Chris.Hines@marfas.com
Phone: (574) 970-1776

Dave Prusinski Sales Specialist
Email: Dave.Prusinski@marfas.com
Phone: (574) 970-1773

DJ Woolwine Sales Specialist
Email: Duane.woolwine@marfas.com
Phone: (574) 970-1781

Mitchell Duncan Sales Specialist
Email: Mitchell.Duncan@marfas.com
Phone: (574) 970-1785

Thomas Sailor Sales Specialist
Email: Thomas.Sailor@marfas.com
Phone: (574) 970-1774

Sue Wheeler Sales Specialist
Email: Sue.Wheeler@marfas.com
Phone: (574) 970-1775

Caitlin Warren Sales Support
Email: Caitlin.Warren@marfas.com

Michelle Twitchell Sales Support
Email: Michelle.Twitchell@marfas.com

CPS Team

Cole Latowski CPS Specialist
Email: Cole.Latowski@marfas.com

Todd McFarland CPS Specialist
Email: Todd.McFarland@marfas.com


Sales Team

Andy Erwin Sales Specialist
Email: Andy.Erwin@marfas.com
Phone: (417) 520-7532

Aaron Burks Sales Specialist
Email: Aaron.Burks@marfas.com
Phone: (417) 413-2385

Austin Noblitt Sales Specialist
Email: Austin.Noblitt@marfas.com
Phone: (417) 520-7534

Chelsi Delcour Sales Support
Email: Chelsi.Delcour@marfas.com

CPS Team

Chris Petersen CPS Specialist
Email: Chris.Petersen@marfas.com


Sales Team

Nate Babbit Branch Manager
Email: NateB@fascofastener.com
Phone: (510) 956-2132

Jon Lynch Sales Specialist
Email: Jon.Lynch@fascofastener.com
Phone: (510) 956-2135

Deric Little Sales Support
Email: DericL@fascofastener.com
Phone: (510) 956-2134

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